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Sheriff's Office
Anthony M. Wickersham
43565 Elizabeth Road, Mount Clemens, MI 48043
(586) 469-5151

Road Patrol

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office provides primary police service on a contractual basis to the following communities:

  1. Harrison Township
  2. Lenox Township
  3. Macomb Township
  4. Washington Township

We also provide police services in the City of Mt. Clemens and the

The Sheriff’s Office has substations in each of these communities and deputies deploy from these locations every day, on all three shifts.   The Sheriff’s Office provides a constant police presence, on patrol in each of these communities, 24 hours-a- day, 7 days-a-week.  

The Sheriff’s Fleet consists of approximately 75 marked patrol vehicles that are available at any given time to be used to respond to emergency situations in the areas where we patrol, or to respond for assistance in any community where help is needed and requested.

While most of the Sheriff’s fleet are fully-marked patrol vehicles, the Department also has some vehicles that have “subdued” markings.  These vehicles are used as part of our problem oriented policing (P.O.P.) effort.

These vehicles are used in situations where a less-obvious police presence is more effective.

Each of the Sheriff’s patrol cars are equipped with the latest-technology, dash-mounted video-cameras 800 MHz police radios, Mobile Display Terminals (lap-top computers), radar speed measuring devices and first-responders/first-aid kits.

Some of the Sheriff’s vehicles are also equipped with Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).  Each of our deputies has received training and are equipped with Naloxone (NARCAN) kits.  Naloxone is an anti-opioid, nasal-spray which can reverse the effects of a drug-overdose.         

  • Traffic Division

While each sworn Deputy of the Sheriff's Office enforces traffic law in conjunction with their daily patrol duties, it is necessary for the Macomb Sheriff's Office to maintain a separate Traffic Division. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office receives federal grant monies that help pay for this division, which allows for more traffic safety coverage at a substantial savings to the taxpayers. The Division’s main responsibility is to investigate traffic crashes and enforce traffic laws on secondary roads in Macomb County.

The Traffic Division provides a special service to the general public in that they have specially trained deputies to assist citizens with the installation of Child Restraint Systems. Several deputies are also trained to assist drivers (especially Senior citizens) with the “Car Fit” program where it familiarizes them with all aspects of their vehicles. Our Traffic Division assisted 418 individuals who have locked their keys in their vehicles, gain access into the vehicle.

Varying the hours as needed, the Traffic Division focuses on crash prevention and enforcement on secondary roadways. They respond to citizen requests for service on a daily basis and alternately patrol streets and intersections where a higher-than-normal number of crashes occur, or where citizen complaints indicate a need for strict enforcement. The Division has issued over 4,100 citations for various traffic infractions (speeding, seat belt violations, etc.) and is responsible for arresting another 739 occupants of motor vehicles either for an outstanding arrest warrant or for a traffic related offense.

The patrol cars driven by members of the Sheriff's Traffic Division are equipped with the latest technology, including front and rear facing radar, digital video camera systems, and in-car computers.

Several of the deputies (assigned to the Traffic Division) work in an Alcohol Enforcement capacity, working primarily the late evening and early morning hours in order to enforce the drinking and driving laws. Alcohol enforcement deputies receive special training in Alcohol detection. The Division has arrested 52 drivers this year for an alcohol related offense.

In addition to the traffic law enforcement, the Macomb County Traffic Division has investigated 2,971 traffic crashes during this year. Deputies assigned to the Traffic Division all have advanced training in Accident Investigation. Due to the frequency of being called to investigate crashes, each deputy assigned to the Traffic Division has extensive training in the collection of evidence, and the documentation of serious injury, and fatality crashes including one deputy to handle Accident Reconstruction.

The Traffic Division is also comprised of a Motor Carrier Bureau. There are two deputies who are primarily assigned in a Motor Carrier capacity. Both have extensive training and are qualified to enforce weight limits as well as the multitude of laws unique to the trucks that travel the highways of Macomb County. These Motor Carrier Officers also conduct safety inspections on Commercial vehicles that are suspected of having serious equipment violations. These officers also work closely with the Macomb County Road Commission checking reported violations throughout the Macomb County area.

Due to the nature of traffic policing, deputies assigned to the Traffic Division are frequently requested to participate is special details or assignments such as saturation patrols around specific holidays. The Traffic Division is also responsible for all traffic-related details such as parades, road closures, and dignitary escorts. The Macomb Sheriff Traffic Division is frequently requested by other local Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the Macomb County to assist with traffic control for parade details, crash scenes and intersection control during power failures. Along with assisting other local agencies the Division assisted our own agency on another 1,735 calls. As the Project Director for state traffic grants we frequently work in conjunction with local agencies enforcing seat belt and speed (radar) violations. The Traffic Division is also responsible for the processing of abandoned autos in our designated patrol area.

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

  • Motor Division

The Macomb County Sheriff Office has a contingent of Harley-Davison motorcycles and a group of deputies who, in addition to their regular responsibilities are trained in the operation of the motorcycles.  The Motor Deputies utilize the bikes for the following duties:

•Traffic enforcement

•Dignitary protection and escort

•Parades and special events

•Educational and school activities

Deputies who are trained and qualified to operate one of the Sheriff’s motorcycles can opt to ride a motorcycle or use a police car on their regular patrols in the event the weather permits or if circumstances dictate.  The Sheriff’s Motor Division is augmented by a group on reserve deputies who serve at the whim of the Sheriff.  The Reserve Motor Officers provide their own motorcycles and their own equipment.  They work primarily in a public relations capacity and provide their help at no expense to the Sheriff’s Office or to the County taxpayers.  

  • K-9

Click here for K-9 information

  • Evidence Technicians


  • Court Transport